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VA guarantee

An insurance contract for which the Veterans Administration (VA) guarantees the lender's recovery of a designated percentage of the loan amount from the insurer in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan

VA loan, or Government mortgage

A mortgage loan available to qualified military veterans which is guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs, usually offering either no down payment or a low down payment


The estimated of value of a property

Variable rate mortgage, or Adjusted rate mortgage

A mortgage with interest rates that may fluctuate based on market conditions

Verification of Deposit

A statement signed by the borrower's financial institution that verifies the current balances in the borrower's accounts

Verification of Employment

A statement signed by the borrower's employer that verifies the borrower's current position and salary


To pass an immediate right on to a person


Having the right to withdraw a percentage of a fund before its agreed-upon maturity date; e.g., the percentage vested to individuals with retirement funds differs; if someone is 80% vested, that means they can only withdraw 80% of the funds set aside for them until its maturity

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

A federal agency that insures residential mortgages made to eligible military veterans, which thereby encourages loans being made to veterans

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